The design of the company logo is based upon the initial letter “S” of the company’s English name “New Start”. Evolving on the streamline of  “S” by means of abstract artistic expression technique, the logo is visualized into a rising sun. On the one hand, the visibility and originality are increased to its visual identity system; on the other hand, the logo possesses a strong power of the group, the design being beautiful, energetic, full of hope and vitality, intuitive and artistic. For the color design, red is applied to convey vitality, positivity, enthusiasm, warmth ……..while yellow represents fashion, lucidity and cheer, implicating the enterprising spirits of hope and development! On the whole, the logo manifests the brand image of New Start Group striving and developing rapidly.

The group company receives the business-like spirits of cooperation and win-win, devotion and high-efficiency and welcomes people of vision at home and abroad into our league with a heart as broad as a sea into which all rivers run.

“All rivers run into sea; greatness lies in the capacity.” “To make contributions and start my career, who but myself can do it?”

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